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Everland Restaurants

Venezia Restaurant

Enjoy a casual meal in a comfortable atmosphere, as if you are riding a gondola through a canal.

Oriental Restaurant

Oriental Restaurant is one of the two major restaurants of Global Fair! The restaurant serves diverse dishes for all ages, including chicken curry and rice and fried rice with Bulgogi and Kimchi.

Town’s Market Restaurant

Enjoy dining here, with pretty interior design and delicious dishes!

Good Friends Cabin

A fun restaurant operated by a fox and a crane. Enjoy a oven-baked snack with rich cheese!

China Moon

A Chinese family restaurant, China Moon
Enjoy premium Chinese dishes with a wide range of options,
from Jajangmyun (noodles with black bean sauce) to spicy noodles and scorched rice soup.

Flanders Restaurant

Do you want a relaxed dining experience, in a calm atmosphere?
Flanders Restaurant is the best option for you.
How about having a glass of wine with steak, while you enjoy a beautiful view through the large window?

Holland Village

More than 30 European dishes satisfy the tastes of three generations, and help you make great memories!


A popular Korean restaurant among lovers of Korean food!
Are you bored with greasy dishes? We recommend Han-ga-ram!

Alpine Food Fair

Alpine Food Fair serves every type of food available at Everland,
from Udon to Bibimbap, pork cutlets and spaghetti.