Take the couple sledge without stopping! Take the lift to the top with a couple tube,and you'll be able to ride it right away!

Lifts at a sledge park?
Everland presents the sledge lift!
You can now comfortably ride to the top, sitting down and hooking your tube to the lift,without having to carry your tube up any hills~

The Dynamic Slope is making a riding much more thrilling and fun!

Snow Buster

The new Snow Buster
  • Now features a tube lift! (Jungfrau family sledge, Eiger sledge)
  • Just get on the tube and you will be taken to the top!
  • Individual lanes for each sledge to ensure safety
  • The sliding course has curves and is even more exciting!
  • Indoor lounges (fan heaters, vending machines, benches, etc.)

Admission to Snow Buster is free with your ticket, and there is no extra cost.