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Resort Facility

Another themed world inside the Resort, enjoy a variety of experiences in four different themed spaces!

Transportation Museum    +82 31 320 9900/ in Korea 031 320 9900

Opened in 1998, it is recorded as the only automobile museum in Korea.
It is a cultural space where visitors can indirectly experience and learn the influence of automobiles on human beings, and simultaneously appreciate various automobiles produced around the world.
Aside from the exhibition hall for automobiles, where domestic and overseas motorcars are displayed, a related facility is provided such as the traffic safety education center for children that educates children on how to avoid traffic accidents. It also serves as a resting area for visitors.

Hoam Art Museum    +82 31 320 1800 / in Korea 031 320 1800

This is a comprehensive museum that introduces the stream of Korean arts for five thousand years, and it has the distinction of being the Oriental largest-scale private museum. It possesses approximately 15,000 pieces of our cultural heritage. In addition, 100 pieces of cultural properties from this museum are designated as Treasures or National Treasures. Furthermore, "Heewon," the traditional Korean garden, is designated and the youthful venue for nature
learning. The garden displays stone works such as stone monuments,
Buddhist sculptures, etc.

Glen Ross Golf Club    +82 31 320 9007 / in Korea 031 320 9007

Enjoy the values and benefits of membership in a beautiful golf course.
It was designed to be in harmony with the heaven-blessed natural environment, spread in magnificent scenery.
Glen Ross Golf Club, the only public golf course in Korea that implements the reservation system. Feel the exquisite beauty and dignity of the game,
which is just as good as in an 18-hole course, in this economic 9-hole public
golf course.