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April 1976
Opened the Natural Farm
March 1977
The Natural Farm was selected as tour site for the people of the Republic of Korea
July 1980
Opened the Tiger Safari
April 1981
Opened Flume Ride
June 1985
Opened at night for the Rose Festival
December 1987
Opened Snow Sled
April 1990
Made alliance with Bush Gardens of the United States of America
April 1992
Performed the Tulip Festival
November 1993
Opened the Motor Park Speed Way
April 1996
Changed BI to Everland in Memory of the 20th Anniversary
May 1997
Awarded with the first CS certifying mark in Korea
July 1996
Opened the Caribbean Bay
Selected as one of six major amusement parks in the world as featured in the magazine
of Amusement Business of America
May 2001
Received 100 million visitors
November 2001
Qualified in the Hall of Fame as Grand Prize Winner of Operation for Customer
May 2002
Homepage of Everland won first place in the leisure area
November 2003
Ranked as 7th out of 100 brands of Republic of Korea
(Korea Economic Daily, and NB Worldwide)
March 2004
Opened Multimedia Show, Olympus Fantasy
October 2005
Opened Aesop's Village, the first Aesop theme park in the world
November 2005
Obtained grand prize of IAAPA in parade portion
April 2006
Everland Ranked as one of four major theme parks in the world (Forbes)
July 2006
Opened Discovery Land with Chinese theme
April 2007
Opened Friendly Monkey valley, the first anthropoid theme space in a South Korean park
March 2008
Opened T-Express, the first wooden roller coaster in Korea with the thrilling drop
July 2008
Opened Wild River in Caribbean Bay
November 2009
Ministry of Knowledge Economy Grand Prize of Korea Brand Awards
December 2009
Korea Digital Media Awards 2009 'Grand Prize in Leisure sports'
December 2009
Web Award Korea 2009 'Grand Prize in Culture & Leisure sports'