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Gymkana Racing
Gymkana Racing is a gateway for all beginner racers to go through to be a professional racer that the general public has a great interest in this event.
Presentation of New
The program provides the participating event space with the guests to personally get on the vehicle to check the capacity of the vehicle.
  Movie, Drama Filming
This area has been welcomed for a space to shoot films for CF, drama, movie and the like where the speed or active scene is taken.
Various test
This is used as the various test sites for vehicle parts including cars, brake, tire and others.
Drive in theater
In foreign countries, it has been generally used from the long time ago, and drive in theater would have the car before the wide screen and listen to the FM radio to watch the movie.
Outdoor performance
Various events and performances are available by using the asphalt land of 12,000 pyeong.