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Tiger fall
The vast and grand nature is reproduced in miniature size. Meet the mysterious white tiger with his pride high under the splendid waterfall.
Exhibited animal : White tiger, Korean tiger
Tip for fun : Time to feed tigers
Polar bear
We now introduce the friend who enjoys the summer in coolest of all.
Great operation for polar bears to survive the summer heat! Now shall we meet them?
Exhibited animal : Polar bears
Tip for fun : Present food for the polar bears
(Vending machine for food: 1000 won)
What is the animal that looks like human the most? The apes are very valuable and rare animals not many remained on earth that have very similar traits like, maternal instinct, love of married ones, expression and others.
Exhibited animal : Mandrill monkey, orangutan,
Tip for fun : The trainer feeds the food and
explain on apes with interesting stories.