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Fantastic Wings
Aviation of beautiful birds for astonishing performance! "New Friends"
For the first time in Korea, the Fantastic Wings brings the great high flying show of hawks, buzzard and bald eagle, the largest bald eagles (3m of body length, 100 kg of weight), cute and brave aviation of fun and pleasant performance, splendid and graceful peacock, ducks from South America and perpetual friend of Peter Pan in parrot, and friendly doves to leave for the world of story tales! Harris hawk, eagle, peacock, pigeons, and hundreds of other friends are in the Everland Fantastic Wings~
Let's go!
Tip for fun : During the performance, one guest is provided with the Harris Hawk to experiment.
(The participant is randomly selected, and there is not time for experiment performance is determined.)
Seal Performance
The cute seals in "Champion" performance display listening time, picture finding time and PE time for dynamic skills, with ring catch, 360 turn, high diving and the like. With the fun and comic play of trainers, this show has the interesting themes for more fun. Do not miss the pride of Everland Seal Performance! Bring cheers and clapping for Mansoo to win the gold medal in the world diving championship. Don't forget!!
Tip for fun : How about the main character, Mansoo? He is 7 years old male sea lion. He is naturally talented for performance with dancing, 360 turn, ring catch, high diving and other skills that brings him the popular seal performance. He is tardy all the time with a lot of fears, but is cuddly and lovely friend.
Let's meet Mansoo at the seal performance stage!