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Order of use

We offer information on how to use the Caribbean Bay and a few things that you need to be aware of

How to Use Caribbean Bay

  • Buy tickets
    - Buy tickets from the ticket office or book tickets on PC/mobile website
    - Those who have made reservations in advance are allowed to enter right away regardless of admission restrictions.
    - Entrance can be restricted when exceeding the maximum capacity, and starting from the afternoon, entrance will be made in proportion to the number of the people leaving Caribbean bay.
  • Storing food and mat
    - For the purpose of preventing water contamination and ensuring safety, please leave food and mats in the storeroom. (on the right of the main gate)
    - However, beverage (except for glass bottles), baby food and diets for patients are allowed in.
    - they are stored at the room temperature of below 25˚C
  • 장애인 전용 주차장 (일반차량 주차금지)

    - Inspection of customers’ belongings can be carried out given the characteristics of a water park.
    - Bay coin adjustment office is located in the front of the main gate, but when the line is too long, please use the bay coin adjustment office on the 3rd floor.
    - Please let families with children use the elevator first, and use the stairway. It may allow you to move faster than taking an elevator.
  • Purchase of bay coins
    - Bay coin is made in the form of a bar-code bracelet in which balance is refunded after a certain amount is charged and used.
    - Balance can be refunded in cash or in the form of partial cancelation of the card used, but customers can use it in restaurants or gift shops at Everland.
    - Where to buy : bay coin adjustment office on the 1st floor, bay coin adjustment office on the 3rd floor, indoor bay coin adjustment office on the 5th floor
    - where to receive balance : place of the purchase + bay coin adjustment office inside Everland(Pororo/Aesop/bumper car/kizcovery/animal rides ticket office)
    - Purchase unit : KRW 30,000/50,000/100,000
    - Purchase of small amount is recommended in order to prepare for the situation in which you are separated from your party.
  • Locker (shower room) use
    - Outdoor locker building : beside outdoor wave pool on the 3rd floor (free(deposit 500 won coin))
    - Children of 5 years old or older are required to use a locker with the same-gender guardian.
    - Bring your own towels or rent towels (additional charge)
    - Please leave long umbrellas in the information desk located on the 3rd floor.
  • Life vests Rentals
    - Customers are required to wear life vests in order to use the wave pool.
    - Where to rent : life vest rental (go straight to the left when exiting outdoor locker building)
    - Rental fee : KRW 6,000 (only Bay coin/credit cards are accepted)
  • Village/ Beach chair/Towel Rentals
    - Village : on-site rental can be possible depending on the balance of the reservation(only PC website reservations are allowed) (outdoor rentals (opposite of the outdoor locker building))
    - However, customers should rent Spa village directly at the entrance of Spa village
    - Beach chair : please make inquiries to nearby rental centers or to casts. (outdoor rentals (opposite of the outdoor locker building), beside the wild river pool, the kiddy pool, the sandy pool and the indoor wave pool)
    - Swimsuit/swimming cap : During the period except June-August, indoor rentals available on the 4th and 5th floor
  • Pumping up tubes
    - Customers do not have to fill up the tube in advance before coming as the air source equipment is placed. (deflating the tube is also possible)
    - For details of the location, please make inquiries to casts.
  • Use of family shower rooms
    - Family shower room is available on the first come, first served basis for families accompanying children under 5 years old or the disabled or for families with children over 5 years old whose guardian is the opposite gender.
    - For further information, please make inquiries to our staffs in the information desk located on indoor 3rd floor.