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Experience the steepest ride in the world with a top speed of 104km per hour at a 77-degree angle. The world's superb wooden roller coaster will leave you with unforgettable memories that you can treasure forever. 130~195cm

This attraction is available for Q-pass reservation.
Q-pass is a reservation system for attractions and rides. That means no more waiting in line!

Reservations are being made on-site.

Reservation is available on-site untill 15:00. (From 15:00, first come, first serve admission put in effect) * It is limitedly operated on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. During the week-days, first come will be first served. Reservation on-site is a reservation system for attractions which reduces waiting time. Please verify the basis of issuing a reservation note per each attraction on site.

Time of issue : 1 hour prior to operation of T Express ~ 14:00 /Start to issue 1 hour prior to boarding (Example : Reservation note for boarding at 12:00~13:00 to be issued from 11:00) The last issuing of a reservation note for boarding at 14:00~15:00 starts 13:00.

Notice : Ticket office of Aesop Village, Ticket office of Car Kingdom, Ticket office of Animal Riding Ticket office of Bumper Car (Need to check Closed day in advance), Ticketing office of Reservation Note for T Express

(Site) Information on Reservation Service

  • Location : European Adventure
  • European Adventure

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