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K-POP Hologram : YG at Everland
YG Family’s hologram concerts are on stage 365 days a year at the Everland,
A concert more realistic than the actual concert and beyond your imagination is coming to you!
Experience the sensation of a live concert with the extremely realistic hologram!
Enjoy the stunning visual effects and exciting dance melodies you already know and love♪
Come to the Everland and see for yourself the power K-Pop that is shaking the world!

It is a brand new concept of attraction at the Everland which combines IT technology
and the K-Pop cultural contents that are taking the world by storm,
enabling you to meet K-POP stars in an entirely new medium through three-dimensional hologram.

K-POP Hologram is based on an on-site reservation on weekends/holiday, so you must hold a reservation pass with you to enter.
(No admission in case of a lost pass)

* On-site reservation is a time-saving system to reduce wait time.

Information regarding to the reservation pass for K-POP Hologram
The reservation pass for performance is issued at the K-POP Hologram ticket booth.

·The pass will be issued in the order of arrival, one per person, and may be sold out earlier if there are many visitors.
·Food is not allowed inside.
·Because of the characteristics of the theater, noise and vibration may be generated at the theater and as it is a standing concert, infant under 36 months are not allowed for safety reasons. Wheel chairs are allowed but baby carriages are not. sorry for the inconvenience.
·The reservation pass is issued only to customers holding a voucher or an annual membership card.
· All guests wishing to use the facility must be present when making the reservation at the ticket booth and at the specified time guests holding the pass can visit the K-POP Hologram to enjoy the show.
· You may not use your ticket after the specified time.
· There may be a change in operation due to maintenance of facility or other reasons.

Reservations are being made on-site.

Reservations are being made on-site. Reservation on-site is a reservation
system for attractions which reduces waiting time.
Please verify the basis of issuing
a reservation note per each attraction on site.

Place of Reservation : Ticket office of K-POP Hologram

Notice : In vacancy, it is possible to enter without a reservation note.

Notice : Time zone selectable (However, it could be sold-out early)

(Site) Information on Reservation Service

  • Location : Global Fair
  • Global Fair

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