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Tickets and Coupons


Tickets view
Type Adults Children Note
One-day Ticket 48,000won 38,000won
  • Free admission to Hoam Gallery
    for the day and extra charges for
    coin-operated rides, rental, animal
    rides, and special exhibitions
  • No online purchase is available for
    Night Tickets or Two-day Tickets
  • No double discount option including
    the use of discount cards is
    available for Two-day Tickets
  • Ticket Office for Foreigners [Location]
Night Ticket
40,000won 31,000won
Two-day Ticket 77,000won 61,000won


Combination view
Type 2015/4/25~5/29 2015/5/30~6/26 Note
Adults Children Adults Children
1 Day 57,000 won 44,000 won 67,000 won 51,000 won Ticket for Everland and Caribbean Bay in one day
2 Day 75,000 won 60,000 won 83,000 won 66,000 won Ticket for Everland and Caribbean Bay by each day

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