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Lost Valley


Join the expedition to explore The Lost Valley Safari Adventure!
Enjoy the fantastic safari adventure aboard the world’s first specialized convertible amphibian vehicle!
Move from water to land through the land of Mother Nature where approximately 150 unique animal species roam freely
Lost Valley Safari offers an up close and in person opportunity to learn and experience how to coexist with animals.
Lost Valley provides a completely differentiated Safari experience, enabling visitors to get a real feel for life in the wilderness, rarely
experienced from just reading books.
Now, are you ready to explore Lost Valley?
Rides can be restricted early if we have a large number of visitors.

Height Requirements - must be at least 100 cm tall (children under 100cm tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion)

notice  In case of sub-zero temperature, snowfall, strong wind, the exhibition of animals may be limited for the protection of animals
        Depending on the weather conditions, some animals may
        not be exhibited outdoors.

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